Sunday, May 1, 2016

Have you ever wondered?

Have you ever wondered how I plan I LOVE Craft Time Weekends?  I’ve been asked by a few so I thought I’d share with everyone.  To begin with, every party I plan must have a theme.  I LOVE themed parties.  Once that is nailed down it's on my radar and I'm constantly on the look-out for information and coordinating ideas, activities and decor.  My husband even gets involved, pretty cute--right?!  I'm out asking family friends to borrow props or searching store after store for that specific item.

Then I pick an early weekend morning with a cup of coffee, my catalog and a STACK of notepaper that my wonderful friend Linda always shares with me.

I jot down each of my ideas which are inspired from the Stampin'Up! catalog, previous craft weekend ideas things I've wanted to try, requests made from attendees and of course Pinterest.  Each idea gets it's own sheet of notepaper and then I pile them up.

I say early morning weekend, because when I don't have to go to work I'm up at the CRACK of dawn.  Needless to say that is very different when I need to be at work early.

And I don't mind being up so early when I get to enjoy this view from my dining room.  (Yes, I have two tables in there at the moment --we are still trying to figure everything out in our downsized home).  But one of the reasons we moved was for this view and I'm so sorry the picture doesn't do it justice.

After I've noted way more than I could ever accomplish I separate
my notes into piles.  After I know more or less what I'd like to do I then transfer them to my Excel Spreadsheet (Ruth wasn't kidding about that part).  I have each activity outlined, the costs, what is needed for the activity, and especially the details to make it special for the attendee.  I always try to provide something they can use for themselves or they can easily re-gift.  But most importantly I try to plan FUN activities so we are not hunched over at our table all weekend only working on projects.

After I have a DRAFT outline I run different activities by each of my Stampin'Up! team for feedback.  I just started sharing the entire weekend with my upline Ruth.  The reason I keep it a secret is because I want my Stampin'Up! team to also be surprised at the weekend.  The weekend is for them TOO!

The support of my Stampin'Up! Team makes it ALL possible to accomplish all the details and I am thankful for each of them.  They receive a discount for attending the weekend.  Would you like to join my Stampin'Up! Team?

I especially love the Craft Weekends for the friendships, the sharing of crafting ideas, the laughing and some crying --It rejuvenates all of us to be a better person.

Thank you all for attending my weekends, they would NOT be possible without each of you!

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